Who says you can’t apply the principle of Lean Manufacturing in Logistics? In Lean Factories, we recognize that logistics and other links within the supply chain can be further optimized by applying the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

If you want to know more about Lean Logistics and how it can help shipping and logistics companies optimize their operations and maximize their income potential, then read our resources and explore a different perspective in the world of logistics.

Lean Logistics

How Can Lean Logistics Benefit Your Business

People think that terms like, “Lean”, “Lean Manufacturing”, and “Lean Logistics” all mean the same thing. While they pull from the same philosophy from Japan years ago, there are some differences to them. When people just say Lean, it refers to a general plan of attack that can be applied to any process or any business with the goal of eliminating waste. When the term “Logistics” is added, it adds a whole new complexity to how the Lean methodology is used. It then focuses the Lean principles to a different more complex set of operations.

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Lean Transportation

Everything That You Need to Know About Lean Transportation

One of these things is transportation. Transportation plays an important role in most - if not all - businesses. You’ll need it to ship materials and even the product when it is ready. Getting the raw materials and the products to the right place at the right time will do wonders for a business.

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Lean Logistics Principles

Top Lean Logistics Principles

All businesses and business owners desire one thing: success. For many, this is by increasing revenue. Different people have different ideas on how to do this. However, one often overlooked thing is by eliminating waste. With less waste, products and services can be delivered faster and more efficiently.

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Beer Game: How the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains Happens

                      Exploring the Bullwhip Effect using the Beer Game | Source What Is the Bullwhip Effect? The bullwhip effect in supply chains is the increase in order fluctuations as one moves upstream. It starts with a small signal in the consumption of goods by a downstream step. This small signal is misinterpreted ... Read More

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What is Heijunka?

By definition, heijunka is a production leveling and scheduling tool that is used in lean manufacturing to utilize the available capacity within an organization effectively. Responding flexibly to customer demand increases profitability. The reality necessitates production leveling and scheduling in the business world where customer demand tends to fluctuate on a day to day basis but when looked at from ... Read More

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