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Lean Factories is a blog and consulting center to spread the good word about lean manufacturing and methodology. By having more people in the B2B market clear and up to speed on manufacturing in a smarter the way, the better for the industry, and the world.

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Our Latest Blogs

Lean Factory

Establishing Lean Factory That Works: Top Tips to Consider

Lean is a philosophy and system that can be applied to a variety of workplaces or processes. The main goal of lean is to do away with any waste wherever they can be found within your business. Fortunately, the lean system and all of their benefits can be applied to factories. The question now is, how does a business establish a lean factory that works? Let’s go over several top tips that businesses consider when applying lean to factories.

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Lean Logistics

How Can Lean Logistics Benefit Your Business

People think that terms like, “Lean”, “Lean Manufacturing”, and “Lean Logistics” all mean the same thing. While they pull from the same philosophy from Japan years ago, there are some differences to them. When people just say Lean, it refers to a general plan of attack that can be applied to any process or any business with the goal of eliminating waste. When the term “Logistics” is added, it adds a whole new complexity to how the Lean methodology is used. It then focuses the Lean principles to a different more complex set of operations.

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SMED Techniques

Important Single-Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) Techniques Used in Manufacturing

LEAN’s main goal is to minimize waste and maximize productivity. We have covered many different techniques that can help do this. These include Shingo, TPM, and even the Six Big Losses. One of the pillars of LEAN is addressing the swift changeover of equipment. If the changeover time is quick, this means that downtime decreases drastically for improved efficiency. This is important, as downtime is a big waste that must be minimized or done away with. Thus, we go to Single-Minute Exchange of Dies or SMED.

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Kanban: A Means to Achieve Just-In-Time Manufacturing

Kanban is a visual workflow management system for any work that follows a process. It imagines the whole workflow process, as well as the actual work as it goes through each step of the process. The objective of the Kanban method is to eliminate any roadblocks that may hinder all the other steps from taking place and any work being finished.

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Six Big Losses

Six Big Losses: Important Concepts to Always Bear in Mind

Many other methodologies we have discussed look at productivity loss through the lens of a variety of factors. These include things like the process flow, people, and other factors that organizations can eliminate waste from. The Six Big Losses is similar in that account. It was created to identify and categorize how a business encounters productivity loss from the perspective of the equipment that the company uses. It works hand in hand with OEE, as it provides more detail on equipment loss.

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Lean Transportation

Everything That You Need to Know About Lean Transportation

One of these things is transportation. Transportation plays an important role in most - if not all - businesses. You’ll need it to ship materials and even the product when it is ready. Getting the raw materials and the products to the right place at the right time will do wonders for a business.

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Cycle Time Versus Throughput

Cycle Time Versus Throughput in a Manufacturing Process

Throughout our articles, we have been talking about multiple techniques and strategies for lean practices in manufacturing. The question for this article is, how does one measure the performance? This is where cycle time and throughput come into play. These closely related measures are very closely related to each other, but have some distinct differences. Understanding both concepts will allow you to improve performances, from managers all the way to supervisors.

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Lean Logistics Principles

Top Lean Logistics Principles

All businesses and business owners desire one thing: success. For many, this is by increasing revenue. Different people have different ideas on how to do this. However, one often overlooked thing is by eliminating waste. With less waste, products and services can be delivered faster and more efficiently.

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Top Lean Manufacturing Tools

Top 5 Essential Lean Manufacturing Tools

Most manufacturing companies around the globe are now going the Lean Manufacturing way. Lean manufacturing is more than just a method. It is an all-encompassing business strategy where waste or anything in the manufacturing system or process that does not add value, is reduced, without compromising productivity and quality. To carry this out, companies must determine the right Lean Manufacturing tools to use.

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